"Satisfaction", "Mental Break", "Time"

Balancing points, and perspectives.

Art that can lift your perspectives and change them. This piece balances well on either side of the tipping point. You're going to want to touch it, but that's the point. To feel how the weight of the metal is balanced, as well as see it. Maybe to be able to feel it through just seeing it too.

Electric Powered Wheel Chair Attachment: Concept Commission 2018

"Think quick 2" Steel heel 2018

"No Ordinary love" Heart Work 2018

"Think quick" Steel heel

"One square foot" Rise and shine series

"Satisfaction" Square up

"Faith Hope Love" Rise and Shine 2017

"Geometry" Heart Work 2017

"The One" Rise and Shine 2017

"Patience..." Private Stock

"The business" Heartwork 2017

"Heartisitc, postcard" Heartwork 2017

"Progress on an incline" Heartwork 2017

"Handful of Heart" night light by candle light

Harpoon tip concept resevior 04-05 GSXR

Concept project bumper Nissan

"Life" Heartwork

"Little man on a bench" Heartwork

Filling the gaps, stainless steel

"Most Valuable Asset" Heartwork

Joining Aluminum

"Handful of heart full house" Heartwork

"Half Heartedly" Heartwork

Aluminum Cap

Aluminum bicycle repair

Dirty Stainless Steel Repair

Stainless "Moral Compass" Heartwork

Aluminum motorcycle repair

Mobile Stainless Repair

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